Fun88, How are the Qualifyiers of Asian Countries for World Cup 2022



Fun88, How are the Qualifyiers of Asian Countries for World Cup 2022

Final Round world cup football 2022: Winners Canada, El Salvador and Panama are part of the groups ranked 1-five in FIFA's World Ranking (Costa Rica, Honduras, Jamaica, Mexico, United States). The 8 groups will play every different domestic and away, a complete of 14 fits. The pinnacle 3 qualified directly, with the fourth-positioned crew going to an intercontinental playoff towards a state from Oceania in June 2022 Fun88 India


World cup football 2022: There are fifty four FIFA-affiliated international locations.


Round One: The 28 lowest ranked international locations performed -legged ties, performed in September 2019, with the whole listing of consequences to be had here. Round Two: The 14 winners from the primary spherical have been joined via way of means of the alternative 26 African international locations. Those forty groups have been broken up into 10 corporations of 4 groups, with the organization winners advancing to the very last spherical Fun88 India


This spherical rotation started in March 2020 and ran until October 2021 till soccer turned into suspended. The organization degree sooner or later started out in September 2021, and turned into finished in November -- successfully concluding the organization segment in eleven weeks.


Fun88 The corporations have been:


Group A: Algeria, Burkina Faso, Niger, Djibouti
Group B: Tunisia, Zambia, Mauritania, Equatorial Guinea,
Group C: Nigeria, Cape Verde, Central African Republic, Liberia
Group D: Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Mozambique, Malawi
Group E: Mali, Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda
Group F: Egypt, Gabon, Libya, Angola
Group G: Ghana, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia
Group H: Senegal, Congo, Namibia, Togo
Group I: Morocco, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Sudan
Group J: Congo DR, Benin, Madagascar, Tanzania


- Final tables


Round Three: The 10 organization winners might be drawn into 5 head-to-head, -legged ties to earn one of the 5 locations on the world cup football 2022. Fixtures to be performed in March 2022.


The draw will take region on Jan. 26, with the pots as follows:


Seeded: Senegal, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Nigeria Unseeded: Egypt, Cameroon, Ghana, Mali, DR Congo



• Asia qualifying domestic page


The first rounds of qualifying have been finished precisely similar to 4 years ago.


Round One: The 12 lowest ranked international locations performed -legged ties in June 2019. Guam, Macau, Mongolia, Timor-Leste, Bangladesh and Cambodia superior. Round Two: The six winners from the primary spherical joined the alternative 34 Asian international locations, drawn into 8 corporations of 5 groups -- additionally performed as qualifiers for the 2023 Asian Cup finals (for that reason World Cup hosts Qatar took part).


In an attempt to get all video games finished, the AFC decided to keep all fits on a centralized basis. The spherical turned into sooner or later finished between May 31 and June 15, 2021.


The seven organization winners (Qatar have been the eighth) and the 5 exceptional organization runners-up progressed.


The 12 international locations proved ambitious and superior to spherical 3.


Group A: China, Syria, Philippines, Maldives, Guam
Group B: Australia, Jordan, Chinese Taipei, Kuwait, Nepal
Group C: Iran, Iraq, Bahrain, Hong Kong, Cambodia
Group D: Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan, Palestine, Yemen, Singapore
Group E: Bangladesh, Omán, India, Afganistán, Qatar
Group F: Japan, Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan, Myanmar, Mongolia
Group G: United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia
Group H: South Korea, Lebanon, North Korea (withdrew), Turkmenistan, Sri Lanka

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