How to choose the best bookmaker in Asia when cricketbetting – Fun88



How to choose the best bookmaker in Asia when cricketbetting – Fun88

Mobile cricketbetting at the best bookmakers in Asia- Fun88


How to choose a bookie in Asia when cricketbetting?

It is not easy to determine which are the best sports bookmakers in Asia or in other parts of the world, as it all depends on many criteria. However, it is not an impossible mission!

Although in many occasions choosing the most trusted operator to get into cricket betting is more about personal perspective, we must know how to detect features that will guarantee you a positive experience in terms of comfort, security and winning opportunities.

If you are an experienced player, you will know that there are hundreds of sports bookmakers in Asia, like Fun88. If you are just starting out in the activity, the panorama could be overwhelming. In recent years, online betting platforms have multiplied, being Fun88 one of the best ones!

This is good news in general terms, as it will give you a better chance of finding the site that best suits your goals and needs. Even tough, Fun88 is a good option if you like betting on sports.

Security aspects are vital during cricketbetting, but you also need a list of events that will allow you to find the best winning opportunities, all without leaving aside the competitive odds! The final decision is up to each user, but there are general guidelines to identify the most prestigious sportsbooks, like Fun88.

Here are some tips to choose the best bookie when cricketbetting:


  • Have in mind the cricketbetting odds and markets: To bet online, there is nothing better than a win. But in order to maximize wins, it is important to have different options available and competitive odds that guarantee a successful formula. Fun88 is a great option to consider due to its one of the greatest cricket betting sites, especially if you live in an Asian country.
  • Many operators tend to have similar offers in terms of cricketbetting markets and odds can be similar, although there are others that go a step ahead to present very specific options of plays that could give you interesting winnings or improved odds either with featured events, sections such as "Super Odds" or simply offering better numbers with the idea of attracting new users.
  • Betting bonuses to enhance the experience: Along with the list of events and markets to bet on online, promotions are often another essential point for players. Having an attractive welcome bonus with free money to bet or bonus funds on the first deposits will allow you to explore the catalog without major risks, knowing in depth all the features of the site.
  • All bonuses usually have conditions to fulfill, so it is worth checking all the details before selecting one site or another just for this feature. Fun88 offers great bonuses and promotions when cricketbetting.
  • Usability and security for online gambling: Beyond the graphic design, the menu layout, the access to important sections and the account management are transcendental aspects for the user's experience. At this point, Fun88 offers you a suitable and user-friendly interface, which means it is simple and easy to use.
  • Having SSL certificates, privacy policies for personal data and security in financial transactions add to the offer in an indirect way. Worry-free cricketbetting equals more fun cricketbetting.

Payment methods for cricketbetting in Asia


Having more payment options does not necessarily mean having a better service for the online cashier you need for a good online betting experience.

You must identify the method of preference (credit or debit card, digital wallet, payment platform, bank transfer) and know the terms of use to know the time required for the transaction and if there are related fees.

Fun88 offers many payment methods for users, so, this is an alternative you should consider if you want to bet online.

Mobile site and applications to play anywhere: Remote access to all functions for cricketbetting in Asia is an added value increasingly sought after by users.

Whether through Android or iOS apps to install on your device or through a complete mobile site that allows all the required actions from your phone or tablet, betting online at any time and from anywhere will allow you to optimize your experience and not miss opportunities when looking for winnings. At Fun88, you are able to use any device you want.

Handicap: something to consider if you want to bet on sports

If you are into betting, handicap is something you must consider if you are betting on sports at Fun88 or any other bookie.

Betting online with this market is directly related to the advantages and disadvantages that sportsbooks place between participating teams or players. This modality allows excellent chances of winning in any event and has different odds when betting at Fun88.

A match between two teams with a great differential of talent or economic power usually brings few possibilities to bet on the result. In order to increase the odds and keep the degree of entertainment at a maximum, cricketbetting sites like Fun88 present Single Handicap or "3-way Handicap".

Betting online on advantages and disadvantages generates better profit possibilities since you need more precision for your predictions when betting at Fun88.

This concept was implemented a few years ago by operators around the world and goes hand in hand with the "spread" used in America. It has similarities with respect to the Asian Handicap but the main difference is that the 3-way Handicap admits a draw when the house prediction is fulfilled.

A bookie like Fun88 establishes odds for the advantage or disadvantage that one or another team or player has for a certain event. A favorite team will have to beat that number to make the bet effective, while the underdog will have to avoid that difference to win your bet.

Winning with 3-way Handicap bets

To get a win when betting with 3-way Handicap betting at Fun88 you only need your prediction to come true. If you have bet on a handicap of +2 goals in a sports match, the chosen team will have to win by more than 2 goals.

On the other hand, if you have bet on a -2 handicap, you will need the team to lose by less than 2 goals or get a draw. You can also bet on the exact difference and win if this is met.

The purpose of 3-way Handicap betting is to make an event that doesn't seem so interesting beforehand more interesting.

By adding an edge or a handicap, you will have to decide which way the action may go and take the risk. It is not a question of guessing the winner but the difference that will exist between the two teams or in the result of two statistics for more specific betting markets like Fun88.

Recommendations to take advantage of the 3-way Handicap at Fun88

Background is one of the most important points to decide a 3-way Handicap bet, since you will be able to see previous results and the behavior of a team or player in similar circumstances.

You must carefully analyze the odds and the odds offered by Fun88, considering psychological factors such as the motivation of one side or the other.

Sports to bet on with 3-way Handicaps

Soccer is the sport with the most 3-way Handicap bets, but not the only one. Basketball, tennis, volleyball, baseball, American sports and ice hockey are other sports widely used for this type of betting due to the different confrontations that occur between teams or players with different characteristics and potentials when betting at Fun88.

The premise is to balance the scales to make betting more attractive and that is possible in virtually any professional sport that has a certain following in the industry. Bookmakers have the 3-way Handicap as one of the methods of attraction to make all events interesting regardless of how unequal or uneven they are in the previous analysis.

3-way Handicap betting markets

3-way Handicap cricketbetting is very varied. If there is a possibility of advantage or disadvantage for one or another team or player, you will have different opportunities.

Although it is easier to use it for final scores, it is also possible for partial scores (first/second half or first/second/third/fourth period), number of touchdowns or specific actions such as corner kicks, red cards, hat-tricks, runs, etc.

Other Handicap Betting modalities

The handicap in cricketbetting implies that the bet includes an advantage of one goal or more for the inferior team a priori and allows to assimilate the odds at Fun88.

The handicap is a cricketbetting market with which you can match a match of different level by decreasing goals / points to the favorite team or by adding them to the weaker team.


  1. Level handicap: Both teams start with 0 goals on their scoreboard and bets are placed on the team that will score more goals in the match. If the match ends in a draw, all bets are returned. This type of handicap is convenient to apply in a match in which there is no clear favorite to win.
  3. Split handicap: This type of handicap automatically divides our bet into two bets. It is identified by the following values: ±0.25, ±0.75, ±1.25 and more.
  4. This type of handicap is convenient to apply when there is a difference between the two teams, but it is small.
  6. Asian handicap: The Asian handicap is intended to give a certain goal advantage to one of the teams (or to deduct them from the other) in order to improve the odds of a team with low odds at Fun88.
  7. There are several types: Averages (±0.5 and ±1.5), Integers (±0 and ±1) and Quarters (±0.25, ±0.75, ±1.25 and more).

This type of handicap is convenient to apply when there is a big difference between the two teams.

The type of handicap will depend on the sport you are betting on, so analyze carefully what modality to use. And remember that if you want to start sports betting on your favorite teams, you can visit Fun88 and enjoy the best bonuses and promotions that Fun88 offers to you!

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